Usually robot cells with chaotic load. The available options are the following:

  • Line composed of one or several robots.
  • Selection of products by means of artificial vision.
  • The elements to be picked up can be classified according to every possible criterion (form, colour, interior design…)
  • At the same time, a quality control is made excluding the elements not complying with the programmed classes. It enables the discrimination according to the criteria established by the user.
  • The system is able to let go faulty items or place them on a determined location.


  • Installation self-learning software, so that the user can establish classification criteria depending on the application and product.
  • Admissible products are those which can be handled by certain mechanical robots because of their size and mass.

  • Provision can be done though any system enabling the robot to pick up elements with precision. The products usually come in chaotic mode by means of a tarpaulin conveyor.
  • The vision system selects the items according to the selected criteria sending data to the position and orientation robot. This picks up the items and places them on their location on an established base.
  • The location where the robot places the items can be mobile in order to gain some time at the cycle, where necessary.
  • The vision system detects the faulty items or the items not complying with the requirements. It can also let them go or place the faulty items in other location established for that purpose.

Vision system:

  • Processor of vision Keysens® vComputer with vProcess Runtime.
  • Digital Cameras GigE. Industrial cameras with high sensibility and CCD technology; colour and/or B/W.
  • One or several cameras shall be required according to the application.
  • Lightning with height adjustment mount and two degrees of freedom with LED industrial lightning.
  • Control cupboard:
    • Installation controlled by PLC.
    • Option of memory card to save data of production.
    • Ethernet connection.
    • Installation remote control.
    • HMI touch panel.
  • Pick&Place robot.