Suction Devices

  • Position to collect pieces. Several possible systems: supply by belts, roller conveyor, chains or collecting the tray or stand.
  • Suction system robot adapted to the product to be managed.

The items can be packages, boxes, sacs, bags, tiles…

  • The element to manipulate comes by means of automatic suppliers or a tray or stand is placed to empty the product.
  • After setting up the system, the robot uses suction to carry out its tasks: pick up elements from one or several position and let them in one or several locations.
  • If the material is placed on palettes, they can be stacked using the same tool on a different location established for that purpose.
  • Option to create 100 programs defined by the user for different products or pallets.
  • Option to collect from many different types of supports, trays, stands, or pallets.
  • Ethernet/Internet connection to control and view.
  • Data storage on SD card, creation of files to control production.
  • Signal lamp indicating the status of the machine.
  • Perimeter fence and accesses according to current dispositions.
  • Enlarging of fieldbuses.
  • Product stacking/unstacking up to 3000 mm height.
  • Front and/or side pallets placement and removal.
  • Anti-collision robot gripping system.
  • Low consumption.
  • Low maintenance.

Technical data depend highly on the type of application (product weight, spaces or heights.)

Measurements: According to robot’s model.

Maximum load: According to robot’s model.

Air usage: Depending on application.

Air pressure: 6 bar.

Supply: 380 V ac III + N