Keeltek Engineering Solutions is an industrial design engineering, which is engaged in the construction of machinery and industrial process automation, in order to provide solutions to the needs of our customers.

Although we are a young company as such, was founded on the experience of a group of entrepreneurs trained and specialized in different automation technologies and robotics. Created by the need to supply the industry with an experienced company that offers special industrial solutions (custom made for each customer).

The main objective of the company is providing solutions in the field of engineering to the needs of our customers.

We have the “know-how” to, using the technical advances and innovation within the industrial sector, put into practice almost any project.

We design and build specific solutions tailored to your needs and have our own means to make projects “turnkey” in the best conditions for your business.

We analyze your needs, take advantage of your experience and contribute our knowledge to determine the best option for your real needs, current and future.

Our different departments analyze together and coordinated the possible solutions.

When the solution is totally defined by the departments and agreed with the customer, it is then implemented.

We make and assemble the different elements of the adopted solution. We subject it to tests and own verifications. We install it in your firm, coordinating it with the rest of the productive process. Once the project is finished, and all lifelong of the application, we are available to make repairs or adaptations.

We give the most efficient solution to your technical needs, we offer engineering of electrical/electronic, computer and mechanical design.

A solution may be an electronic card, a software application or a complex machine. In order to accomplish with these services, together with the design departments, we count on electrical and mechanical assembly departments.

In all our applications, we assume all the responsibility of the project, from the design to commissioning, which is known as “turnkey”.

In Keeltek we don’t talk about machinery in particular, but “Solutions”.

We have a great experience in the machinery and automation fields, and the software tools necessary to make an exhaustive analysis of the project in question, in order to carry it out in the most efficient way possible.

Our departments:

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  • Department of Electrical / Electronics.

  • Department of Software Development.

  • Sales Department.

  • Manufacturing and assembly section.

  • Test and Quality Control section.

  • Electrical installation section.

Assuming entirely the full project, we can offer you a total coordination in all the stages of it, shorter delivery times, costs reduction and a better integration of the different technologies.

We are a dynamic and alert company. Our obsession is to achieve perfection, as much in delivery times as in project operation.

All our designs are characterised by:

  • Own design of the mechanics and the automatism.

  • Innovative standpoint oriented towards the search of the best technical and economic solution.

  • Robust design oriented to zero maintenance. When the maintenance is necessary, our designs try it could be made by unskilled staff. They are always thought to make easier the maintenance and replacement of parts.

In Keeltek we put our facilities at your service. During the testing stage and product verification, your technicians will be able to check the machine without the necessity of moving it to your facilities, even manufacturing little series.

Obviously we also send our staff to your facilities to install the machine and the final tune-up.

KEELTEK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS develops industrial applications practically for any industrial sector.

  • Food and agriculture sector.

  • Packaging.

  • Ceramic, glass and stone.

  • Car industry.

  • Electricity and electric appliance.

  • Chemical products. Pharmaceutical sector.

  • Electronics, Computers.

  • Textile.

  • Footwear.

  • Construction Materials.

  • Paper and graphic arts.

  • Metallic transformation.