This machine aims at making a dynamic measure of tiles. Pieces pass by the machine at the selected speed leading to the production line and it makes the measures, classifying the tiles in types predefined by the user.

The machine makes the measures by laser and advanced algorithms make calculations to determine lengths, diagonals or windows.

It also presents an indicator to distinguish the different kinds.

  • Tiles come into the machine where they are alligned before measurement.
  • Data regarding the piece are stored.
  • After 20 milliseconds passing through measuring laser sensors, the machine detects a faulty piece and its type.
  • Results are shown on screen on a lighted column.
  • When the piece arrives to the end, it flags it if necessary.
  • The parameters of each piece are stored in daily files, in an external memory, which can be consulted via FTP.
  • Machine made of steel processed by means of laser cutting, water cutting, bending, electric resistance welding and precision parts made at machining centres.
  • Finishing is made with powder pain, galvanised steel and stainless steel.
  • Movements by means of a toothed belt.
  • Industrial switch included.
  • PLC and HMI interface control.
  • Options to create 100 programs defined by the user with different rules and types of classification.
  • Ethernet/Internet connection to control and view.
  • Data storage on SD card, creation of files to control production.
  • Signal lamp indicating the status of the machine.
  • Compact machine that can be relocated without disassembling.
  • Enlarging of fieldbuses.
  • Low consumption.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance.

Installed power:  2.1 KW.

Maximum air usage (10 l/minute.)

Pneumatic supply: 6 bar.

Supply: 380 V ac III + N.

Compatible piece size:


  • From: 130 mm.
  • Up to: 1500 mm.


  • From: 285 mm.
  • Up to: 2500 mm.

Linear speed:

  • Up to: 45m/min


Please check your system with technical department of Keeltek Engineering Solutions.