Stacking / Unstacking Of Pallets

Autonomous modular machine for aligning pallets and picking up the empty ones from other depalletising machines. It aligns appropriately the stack.

  • Empty pallets reception system.
  • Reception and stacking mechanism.
  • Conveyor of outgoing finished stackings.
  • Supply system for other machines needing pallets.


  • Autonomous machine or machine integrated on a interconnected system.

Running is very simple. The machine collects the pallets which have been previously emptied by other machines, usually depalletisers or robots.

  • The machine stacks them to feed other machines that need empty pallets or gets them to be collected by an operator with a pallet truck.
  • Machine made of steel processed by means of laser cutting, water cutting, bending, electric resistance welding and precision parts made at machining centres.
  • Polyurethane finishing with two components: epoxy paint or galvanised steel.
  • Autonomous or system-integrated machine.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance.

Installed power:1KW.

Pallets size: Needs to be checked.

Pneumatic supply: 6 bar

Supply: 380 V ac III + N