Cartesian depalletiser with double gripping system for boxes.

  • Conveyor of ingoing pallets and several queued pallets.
  • Crate upsetting system.
  • Tarpaulin for upsetted items.
  • Logistics system of empty boxes.


  • Logistics system of empty pallets.
  • Empty pallets stacking to be stored.
  • Special application to fruits with branch.
  • Pallets management to be collected by the baler.
  • Chance of mixing items.
  • Selection the upsetting speed.

  • Pallets full of product boxes come in to be depalletised.
  • The gripper collects the boxes and upsets their content on the tarpauling for upsetted items.
  • Once the pallet is empty, this is conveyed to other machines needing them or stacked to be used later.
  • Machine made of steel processed by means of laser cutting, water cutting, bending, electric resistance welding and precision parts made at machining centres.
  • Polyurethane finishing with two components: epoxy paint or galvanised steel.
  • Movements by means of a toothed belt.
  • Specifically vulcanised blades to better collecting the boxes.
  • Several accessories can be attached.
  • Chance of creating 100 programs defined by the user with different speed depending on the product.
  • Ethernet/Internet connection to control and view.
  • Data storage on SD card, creation of files to control production.
  • Optimised movements by means of controlling advanced algorithms to avoid stress and mechanical wear and to obtain a minimum consumption.
  • Signal lamp indicating the status of the machine.
  • Compact machine that can be relocated without disassembling.
  • Enlarging of fieldbuses.
  • Low consumption.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance.

Installed power: 4.5 KW.

Maximum air usage:

Production: up to 2000/boxes per hour

Maximum load:  Depending on application.

Air usage: Depending on application.

Pneumatic supply: 6 bar.

Supply: 380 V ac III + N

There are different types of depalletisers. Please check your system with technical department of Keeltek Engineering Solutions.